Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Up, Down, All-Around

Wendy Bernard gave me hope. I first discovered her in 2008 when she published her first book, Custom Knits. Her patterns were beautiful, but I loved her philosophy even more: knitters needed to make the modifications necessary to make sweaters that really fit. This made complete sense to me, especially since there wasn't a pattern in the world that fit my shall we say, unusual, form. Wendy Bernard set me off on a journey of knitting discovery (that sounds a little nauseating, but it's true).

Wendy is now back in print with Up, Down, All-Around, a stitch dictionary of pattern motifs that can be knit from any direction. Why is this important? Because you can take any motif and knit it top down, bottom up, or in the round. For every motif, she provides:

  • A large, crisp photo of the knitted motif 
  • Written directions for knitting flat
  • A chart for knitting flat
  • Written direction for knitting in the round
  • A chart for knitting in the round
She offers a tool box of knitting possibilities, giving you you the ability to swap out stitch patterns, cables, and lace in any garment regardless of how it is constructed. Take that plain-Jane pullover that you know fits well and make it again, this time with a cable or a fancy hem. Or swap out the cable in your favorite sock pattern with one of Wendy's. 

The book offers 11 patterns. The sweater and vest unfortunately only go up to size 50, but the hats, cowls, and mitts will work for anyone of any size. She will be doing a tutorial on how to use the dictionary to design your own custom cowl; if you're brand new to design, this would be a great place to start. To learn more, check out Wendy's blog at


  1. I like you love Wendy Bernard. I have all her books and she has inspired me. My copy of her new book arrived and I can't wait to make something using the designs.

  2. Sounds like my kinda book. Can a knitter ever have enough stitch dictionaries? I think not.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. My copy has been ordered and is on its way here. Looks like a fabulous book!